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Entries in the Smoking Stinks video contest
Title:  "it can Kill"
Title:  Healthy Boy Scouts Weekly-Smoking Stinks!
Title:  Smokin Rap! Dont Smoke!
Title:  Smoking Stinks Contest Entry
Title:  dont smoke
Title:  smoking is bad
Title:  Remember This Voice
Title:  Tobacco Is A Heartless Killer
Title:  What's So Bad About Smoking?
Title:  Smoking Kills
Title:  Too Late
Title:  Smoking Stinks...Literally
Title:  The Dangers Of Smoking Public Service Announcement
Title:  Your Body up in Smoke: Smoking Stinks
Title:  The Reasons not To Smoke!!
Title:  The Horrible Effects of Smoking
Title:  Since When Is Dying Cool?
Title:  Smoke the Truth
Title:  This Could Be YOU if you Smoke
Title:  SMoking killz: ru a victim???
Title:  Don't Do It
Title:  Smoking really does Stink
Title:  A Day In the Life of a Smoker
Title:  Smoking Stinks! (and you know it)!
Title:  Smoking Stinks
Title:  BUSTED!
Title:  Revenge of first puff
Title:  The Scout & The Smoker!
Title:  Seth's Smoking Stinks Video
Title:  Smoking Stinks By: Ethan
Title:  Smokin
Title:  Darth Vader,Master Chief and Obama against smoking
Title:  Smokin' Stinks
Title:  Smoking Commercial
Title:  Smoking Stinks and Kills
Title:  Night of the Living (Almost Dead) Smokers
Title:  non smokers only
Title:  smoking sucks
Title:  Smoking Stinks! Revenge of the cigarette!
Title:  When You Smoke
Title:  Knock out smoking
Title:  Rappin', Dancin', and Quittin'
Title:  Boy Scout Smoking Stinks Contest Entry
Title:  Smoking - The harmful ways
Title:  smoking
Title:  My G-dad's Workshop
Title:  Smoke-A-Tron Vs The Guy
Title:  Crazy Scenes
Title:  Smoking Stinks!
Title:  SBN News reports smoking related incidents.
Title:  "The Choice"
Title:  Smoking Stinks! Here's why!
Title:  It's Bad!
Title:  Save Your Life
Title:  tar in smoke kills!!!
Title:  Warning! Teens At Risk
Title:  Smoking Stinks
Title:  Keep Smoking
Title:  Don't Smoke
Title:  Smoking Stinks. Do you want to stink to?
Title:  Do you smell something?
Title:  Everyone's affected
Title:  Chick(en)s on Smoking
Title:  Smoking Kills
Title:  Smoking Stinks, But You Don't Have To
Title:  Smoking Really Does Stink
Title:  Smoking, What's the Point of Starting
Title:  Smoking Stinks-A Dangerous Roller Coaster Ride
Title:  Don/t Smoke Animation
Title:  Smoking Stinks
Title:  smoking stinks
Title:  Don't Smoke!!
Title:  Smoking Gon' Kick Yo Can!
Title:  A Study in Smoke
Title:  don't get hooked on smoking
Title:  Don't Smoke
Title:  Smoking is No Joke!
Title:  You Decide
Title:  Don't Smoke
Title:  Consequences
Title:  The Smoke
Title:  A Choice
Title:  My Friend?
Title:  Luscious Larry Loses
Title:  Stink Room
Title:  Plant Death
Title:  dont smoke
Title:  Big Things...
Title:  Monkey On Your Back
Title:  Smell test
Title:  Smoking Socks
Title:  Don't Smoke
Title:  The Pros and Cons of Smoking
Title:  The High Cost of $moking
Title:  Grim Reality
Title:  "Smoking Stinks" A Short Claymation
Title:  Annual Statistics of Doltish Bereavement
Title:  Get a Conscience, Don't Smoke!
Title:  The Puff of No Return
Title:  The Encounter
Title:  Why smoking is bad!
Title:  Give Death a Break
Title:  Obviously Smoking Stinks by Trevor Coats
Title:  Smoking Stinks
Title:  Smoking sure stinks, even from this distance.
Title:  Roulette
Title:  Cameron and Matt's Endoscopic Adventure
Title:  Mad Smoking
Title:  My Last Cigarette
Title:  Smoking Stinks - It Will Ruin Your Life
Title:  Smoking Stinks
Title:  Do something Cool. Smoking Stinks.
Title:  Smoking Stinks in Halo too!
Title:  Discover The Truth
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