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Is to help my family during these tough times. Last year my parents lost their jobs and are finding it difficult to find new ones. I suggested we do away with cable and put up an antenna to receive free tv. I have cut back on computer time.I got a part time job after school and give half of my earnings to my parents.The other half goes into a savings account. I will be working at Boy Scout camp this summer too. My parents have given me so much and being thrifty will really help them out.
First Name:  Jonathan

$500 savings bond and trip to Philadelphia (home of Benjamin Franklin, the "American Apostle of Thrift")
Runners Up
My thrift pledge for years has been to split my earnings into three categories. Ten percent of everything I earn goes to my church.This money supports a food bank, a tutoring program for underpriveleged children and other cool ministries. Half of the money I make goes into my savings account for when I am an adult The last forty percent of my earnings ends up in my wallet. I buy airsoft equipment, video games and gifts for my large family.This system works because I have money now, will have money later and am able to help others.
First Name:  Elijah

$500 savings bond
Runners Up
“I pledge to help my mom clip coupons on Sunday afternoons. We then plan the family meals for the week around weekly specials at the grocery stores and stock up on items that we can use a coupon. The real savings are double coupons on sale items that we get for a drastically reduced price or free. My mom rewards this thrift pledge with coupon savings going directly into my college fund on a regular basis. My thrift pledge is a win-win because we have great meals that cost less and I have money for college”.
First Name:  Joel

$500 savings bond
Runners Up
My mom and I are planning my birthday party and heard about how we can make it so cool!!! I am having a "$2 Birthday "
My invitations state:

"NO GIFTS Just $2...
$1 for my favorite charity - Courage Center!
And $1 for me to choose a gift for my special day!

Come enjoy some games and cake at my house and learn more about Courage Center.

Hope to see you then!

PS Have your parents call my mom to RSVP!"
First Name:  Andrew

$500 savings bond
Runners Up
is to make the most of items my family already has. My sister likes to wear my old t-shirts. We play instruments that have been handed down for more than 40 years. We could get new ones but we both love the character they have from being passed down. Just this past weekend at my Klondike I wore old wool socks that my dad and grandpa wore as Scouts. I thought about them at their Klondike’s and how cool it was to be wearing their socks, and hopefully passing them on some day.
First Name:  ALEX

$500 savings bond
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